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  • Clip easily attaches to prams, strollers or in the car
  • Vibrant colours and patterns encourage visual perception
  • Rattle for auditory stimulation
  • 100% Polyester | STEAM/STEM toy for a bright future
  • Packed Full of Features
  • Colorful click-clack beads assist hand and eye coordination development
  • Each of Clip Clop’s hooves features a different activity
  • Crinkle feature aids sensory and tactile development
  • high-quality and durable material
  • BPA-free
  • Easy to clean: Washable with a damp cloth
  • Colorful with texture to encourage the development of motor skills
  • Different ball textures to promote tactile development
  • Makes inner rattle effect for auditory to senses
  • BPA free
  • Steam / Stem toys for a bright future

‘- Rattle beads and crinkle feet for auditory stimulation
– A variety of fabrics and surfaces encourage tactile development
– Easy to grasp neck for little hands
– Textured click-clack rings are ideal for soothing teething babies
– Reflective mirrored belly stimulates curiosity and teaches self awareness

  • 5 modes: playgym, playmat, tummy time mat, cot mobile & cot side play
  • Built-in soft padded support pillow
  • Detachable hanging toys
  • Detachable arm
  • Spins and rattles to keep baby happy and entertained
  • Rattle sounds stimulates baby’s auditory senses
  • Tactile ribbons and spinning beads for baby to explore
  • New stronger suction base attaches to highchair tray
  • Incorporates STEAM and Age For Stage Principles
  • 2 foot finders and 2 wrist rattles
  • Rattle for auditory stimulation
  • 3 hand links ideal for taking toys on-the-go
  • Great Value Baby Gift
  • Baby Shower or Newborn Gift
  • different textures help your baby to satisfy the need to chew and to soothe gums during teething
  • fun and colourful designs to stimulate the baby's visual perception
  • Different sounds to help stimulate baby's auditory development
  • Helps baby to use their small hands and fingers for grip
  • Generous gift pack
  • 15 developmental toys
  • Vibrant colours encourages visual perception
  • Textured surfaces for tactile development
  • Bath net for easy storage
  • Great as a gift for baby
  • Perfect for bath or water play
  • 2 foot finders
  • 2 wrist rattles
  • Rattle for auditory stimulation
  • 4 developmental toys
  • Vibrant colours encourage visual perception
  • Textured surfaces for tactile development
  • Various textures for encouraging tactile development
  • Mirror for learning reflections
  • Crinkle sounds & rattling beads for auditory stimulation
  • STEAM/STEM toys for a bright future
  • Easy to attach for on the go
  • Music and Lights
  • Great gift idea for baby
  • Interactive developmental toy
  • Steering wheel turns while horn squeeks and indicators make sounds assisting bilateral hand coordination
  • Gears, Twisting features and Spinning features will stimulate baby's fine motor skills
  • Velcro straps make it easy to attach
  • Steam principles incorporated into design
  • Soft padded u-shaped pillow supports baby
  • Detachable toys can be used on-the-go
  • Mirror for learning reflections